Hill Senior Staff

The Senior Staff consists of University faculty and administrative staff who coordinate the suites and myriad other organizers in Hill.  They bear the formal responsibility for the smooth operation of Hill College House and advocate for the House and its residents with other departments of the University.

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Deona L. Hatley

House Dean
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Julie Sochalski

Faculty Director
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Fayyaz Vellani

House Fellow
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Krystal Strong

House Fellow
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Valerie Houck

House Coordinator

Residential Services

Our partners in Residential & Hospitality Services help us ensure that your time in Hill College House continues to be a safe and comfortable living experience. Have a question about your new home? Be sure to stop by the Hill Information Center – located immediately inside the entrance of the building – and speak to your friendly Residential Services Manager, or one of our amazing student employees!

For more information on Residential & Hospitality Services, click here.

Rebecca Golpe

Residential Service Manager

Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates

Resident Advisors: RA for short. Undergraduate students selected for their unique qualifications, academic excellence, participation in University and community activities. They stand out in their interest in being leaders in the college house community and offering peer support to their residents. 

Graduate Associates: GA for short. Like an RA but with some extras. The GAs are selected from a variety of graduate programs and as such they bring a slightly different perspective to the College House. Their advanced academic and professional backgrounds enable them to nurture academic and co-curricular interests in the House, with their programming often reflecting their own particular studies. 

Keith Babitz

Resident Advisor
1st Floor; Yellow Wing; Rooms 129-140

Neysha Patel

Graduate Associate
1st Floor; Blue Wing; Rooms 141-155

Mateo Wirth

Graduate Associate
1st Floor; Green Wing/Red Lounge; Rooms 166-179

Nyomi Thompson

Graduate Associate
2nd Floor; Red/Green Wing; Rooms 201-212/275-279

Onteria Harris

Graduate Associate
2nd Floor; Yellow/Red Wing; Rooms 213-240

Karen Celestine

Graduate Associate
2nd Floor; Blue Wing; Rooms 241-256

Timothy Roche

Graduate Associate
3rd Floor; Red Wing; Rooms 301-317

Sai Aung Phyo

Graduate Associate
3rd Floor; Yellow Wing; Rooms 325-340

Charisse Ahmed

Graduate Associate
3rd Floor; Blue Wing; Rooms 341-357

Sydney Bell

Resident Advisor
3rd Floor; Green Wing; Rooms 365-379

Raekwon Burton

Graduate Associate
4th Floor; Red/Green Wing; Rooms 401-412/473-479

Olivia Bethea

Graduate Associate
4th Floor; Yellow Wing; Rooms 413-440

Samuel Sheridan

Graduate Associate
4th Floor; Blue/Green Wing; Rooms 441-467

Qingze Lv

Graduate Associate
5th Floor; Red Wing; Rooms 501-520

Sergio Manrique

Graduate Associate
5th Floor; Yellow Wing; Rooms 521-540

Kendall Smith

Graduate Associate
5th Floor; Blue Wing; Rooms 541-561

Jada Edwards

Resident Advisor
5th Floor; Green Wing; Rooms 562-579

House Managers

These positions report directly to the House Coordinator/House Dean. Responsibilities for these positions include assisting with administrative tasks and answering general inquiries from Hill residents and guests who visit the House Office. Also, designing professional marketing/promotional materials for house-wide events, updating house bulletin boards, designing and distributing the weekly Hill newsletter which includes promotions, photos, small articles, and upcoming Hill, Penn and Philly events released every Monday.