House House Council


Do you consider yourself a leader? 
Or just want to sharpen your leadership skills?
Want to plan events for our house?
Want to collaborate with House staff?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we have the perfect opportunity for you! 

 The purpose of the House Council is to create a united network of representatives in order to improve the residential experiences of Hill College House residents. House Council’s actions shall be directed toward the following objectives:

• To unite the house with diverse and creative events and programs​• To contribute to the general welfare of Hill House through volunteering or any type of activity that improves the well-being of Hill College House residents• To represent and address the wants and needs of house residents• To enhance the first-year experience

Below is a list of Hill House Council positions with their corresponding job descriptions. The nomination process will take place in late August/early September.
The Duties of the PRESIDENT
• Convene the House Council meetings
• Determine the agenda for bi-weekly meetings
• Facilitate bi-weekly meetings with fellow council members and council advisors
• Serve as the representative for Hill College House in any school or house-wide events and/or ceremonies
The Duties of the VICE PRESIDENT
• Convene the House Council meetings in the absence of the President
• Support the President and assist him/her in any of the above expectations
• Serve as a liaison to Hill House Staff and identify areas of collaboration with staff
• Organize and facilitate the creation of a schedule of Hill House Council events at the beginning of each semester
• Actively contribute to the organizational and logistical efforts of House Council events and programs
 The Duties of the TREASURER
• Manage Hill House Council’s programming budget
• Work closely with the President on creating detailed budgeting spreadsheets for each event and semester
• Collect receipts of necessary reimbursements and complete the appropriate paperwork for processing purposes
• Connect with necessary University and community officials to identify areas of potential monetary savings in the organization and facilitation of House Council events
• Maintain email list for the house and be a primary source of communication to Hill College House residents
• Keep minutes at the House Council meetings and maintain records
• Email minutes to the House Council and House Council advisors after each meeting
• Maintain attendance records
• Assist the Vice-President in the completion of the end of semester report
The Duties of the MARKETING CHAIR
• Conduct interest surveys to target programming efforts
• Coordinate publicity for events
• Communicate with House Managers about upcoming events including the creation and relaying of event blurbs, flyers, and creative marketing
If you're interested in applying for the above position send your resume to with the desired position in the subject line.