Hill Faculty In Residence

Hill College House is a first-year House with lots of life!! There is always something fun and new happening in Hill so it's no wonder why most first-year students think Hill is the BEST College House. Below are some brief descriptions of different programming Hill has to offer.


Hill's Faculty Director and College House Fellows offer a magnitude of various programming inside and outside the College House. There is always something entertaining, amusing and interesting to explore and discuss at a faculty event. Read below to grasp an understanding of what each faculty member has to offer and what their general interests are. 


           Julie Sochalski (Faculty Director)- We’re delighted that you have chosen Hill College House – the best house on campus! – to be your home base at Penn. You will find friends for life here, and together we will make Hill a community for the ages. My many forays in halls of power in Washington DC—including 3 years in the Obama Administration—has made me a true political junkie, so watch for my invites to take in political debates, movies, and lectures/events in our House or on/off-campus. As a nurse I am passionate about all things health and health care, so join me for a trip to the Mutter Museum and virtual reality trips through our anatomy! And my signature– I love to bake/cook and enjoy having partners in the kitchen (to bake or just to eat!) and exploring the culture of food so let the good times roll!

            Fayyaz Vellani (College House Fellow)-  Welcome to Hill College House! As a geographer, I am passionate about exploring the city of Philadelphia.  Please join me on adventures in hiking (Wissahickon Creek), gardening (Bartram’s Farm), viewing street art (mural walks), and examining living history (Old City).  Then there is the food for which this city is renowned.  Whether you’re into cheesesteaks, Italian, Mexican, Ethiopian, Lebanese, or any variety of vegetarian, Philly is your town, and I’m happy to be your guide. I’m also interested in politics, working to create spaces in which residents can engage in dialogue about issues of concern to them.  As a writing professor, I love all things related to writing and plan to hold programs where we write, think, and talk about writing.


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