Poster, Flyering, Leafleting, Chalking & Tabling Policy

Looking to Advertise in or near Hill College House?


  • Please bring a copy of your flyer to the Hill House Office during normal business hours (Monday - Friday; 9 am-5 pm).
  • Upon approval, Hill House Staff will post approved flyers to the designated bulletin board wall in the atrium (only one copy will be posted).
  • Flyers posted outside of the designated board or flyers posted to the board by non-Hill House Staff will be removed.


  • Leafleting under doors and soliciting is prohibited.


  • Chalking and Tabling on and/or in front of Hill College House premises is prohibited.
  • Please use the public space (brick walkway that is furthest away from Hill) There is a long gray stone line that marks the start of this area. Anything before this space (closer to Hill) will be removed. 

For detailed information on CHAS advertising policies, please visit:

The below image is an example of what is unauthorized for flyering in Hill: