Welcome To Hill

We welcome you to Hill College House! Designed by famed architect Eero Saarinen to serve as the dormitories for Penn's women students, today we are a vibrant residential community of about 550 men and women. We have a strong commitment to the freshmen of Penn — a commitment shared by an energetic group of upper class students who live in Hill for its leadership opportunities. Our House is ideally located near major academic buildings, libraries, retail shops, and athletic fields. We also have our own dining hall, Underground recreational room, and a comfortable library where students can bring their laptops to work, in addition to lively lounges where residents can socialize. Take a look around our site and get to know Hill!

Prof. Julie Sochalski, Faculty Master
Stephanie Weaver, House Dean


Dodgeball Fundraising Tournament

ASB is proud to invite everyone from Hill to our annual Dodgeball Fundraising Tournament!!

What?: The Alternate Spring Break Board is proud to introduce our first fundraising event of the year, a dodgeball tournament! ASB is a program that allows Penn students to do service trips around the country during their spring breaks. But we can't finance these great trips without you help!

Where: The pottruck basketball courts on Saturday. 

When?: October 25th at 3pm.  

MERT Services Expanding

Since our establishment in 2006 as a PA licensed Quick Response Service consisting entirely of student Pennsylvania-certified EMTs, MERT has sought ways to continuously expand in order to best serve the Penn community. MERT currently responds to calls between 30th and 43rd and Baltimore and Market with an average response time of five minutes. We are especially excited to have just received approval to switch from limited to 24-hour weekend coverage. 


Roadmap to Research

Are you interested in research but don't know where to start? Check out SCUE's Roadmap to Research! The Roadmap to Research is a guide to all things research at Penn. Produced with the aid of the Center for Undergraduate Research Fellowships (CURF), many professors, and students in research themselves, the Roadmap provides both general guidance and 8 sections of discipline-specific information for starting or enhancing your research career.

Bioethics Symposium at Penn - Opportunity for Undergraduates

The Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at Penn is one of the finest institutions for studying bioethics in the world. However, as this department is housed in the Perelman Medical School, very few undergraduates are exposed to the professors and critical discussions that happen right here at Penn. It truly is time for undergraduates to take advantage of these resources at our fingertips to learn about this burgeoning field with widespread influence in medicine, law, industry, and academia.


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