Laptop Loan Program

Nearly every Penn student brings their own laptop to the University. But what happens when your computer needs help beyond what your ITA can give?

Available now, residents of Hill College House have access to College House Computing's Laptop Loan Program. This program allows students to borrow a laptop for up to 5 days. These laptops are in limited quantities.

These laptops will come with the same software found on lab computers -- JMP, Maple, Microsoft Office, Matlab, SPSS, R, and the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) Much like the computers in the computer labs, the files on each laptop will be erased when the laptop is powered off, so borrowers will need to ensure that they save their files on another storage device or in the cloud prior to shutting the laptop down.

Please note that quantities and availability are limited. (This program is exclusive to students living in Hill & New College Houses)

Laptops must be checked in and out by an ITA on duty in the Project Room (A234) during the following hours:

Sunday 4pm - 12am

Monday 4pm - 12am

Tuesday 4pm - 12am

Wednesday 4pm - 12am

Thursday 4pm - 12am