The College House Cup is a friendly (but fierce!) competition between the College Houses. It includes three different types of events: College House Special Events, Intramural Sports Leagues, and PennRec One-Day Events. Students compete in events like quiz bowl, baking competitions, soccer, and volleyball to determine which House will take home the College House Cup (and bragging rights) at the end of the school year. It is a way for the Hill community to come together as a team and showcase our House pride and spirit!


  •  IMs give points towards the House Cup so managers will be involved in IM activities. These are:
    • Creating and managing the Hill teams on imleagues.com
    • Advertise events via email, Hill social media and house newsletter and acquire sign up for teams for residents
    • Ensure we have enough people at each game
    • Organize a house event to take people to cheer for any Hill IM team that makes it to the finals of their league
    • Have a table with a laptop and the RAGA/manager in the atrium where people can sign up for IM teams. This would ideally happen at the beginning of each semester when there is usually one week in which we need to fill up three teams
    • Create a GroupMe for people to join if they are interested in being part of IM teams. This would be promoted at the beginning of the year and serves as a group of residents that can step in if we are short for any given team/game
    • Attend all events and participate if needed


If you're interested in applying for the above position send your resume to hill@collegehouses.upenn.edu with the desired position in the subject line.